Color Crisis

At birth we randomly chose colors for each baby, knowing this would assist us on telling them apart at a quick glance and until their features created more individualized kiddos. Harper’s color was pink. Emerie’s color was purple. Reagan’s color was teal. None of this is news to you. Here’s an adorable photo of them back in the day, rocking some massive headband bows in their colors. I couldn’t help it…they are so tiny and cute.

Over the past two years, the color coordinating has morphed into Harper all things pink and occasionally red, Emerie all things purple or sometimes yellow when I can’t find it in purple, and Reagan all things teal or a shade of green or blue.

Harper still loves all things pink; she is certainly the girly girl of the group. Her clothes are pink just like her stuffed animals, her winter gear, and her blankets. Emerie also loves her purple, especially her purple Cabbage Patch doll Sadi, and her purple/teal monkey. She also demands purple underwear most of the time, which requires laundry to be put away more often because we don’t have that many purple pairs. So obviously Reagan loves her teal, clothes and animals and all…right?

Color swap and NOT Emerie’s idea.


It is very clear that Reagan’s favorite color is purple. She wants the purple coat, the purple hat, the purple crayon, all of Emerie’s purple stuffed animals. She disagrees with a pink pillowcase in her bed, even if it’s been there before and she didn’t notice. Now it’s Harper’s, NOT hers. She often throws a fit at having to wear her own color if someone else’s (Emerie’s) article of clothing is unclaimed on the hanger, and has been opting for her choice of purple pajamas each night, especially the ones with owls.

But she won’t let you forget…even if she wants (or obtains) something purple, you better believe if Emerie or Harper wears her teal/blue/green, she has an opinion about it! She will let it slide if it means she can wear purple, but if Harper were to take the blue coat? Oh man, bring it on. Sounds like a toddler, right?

Reagan rocking some purple owl pjs and boots

Let me be clear on one thing here: we can, in fact, tell them apart. It’s much easier than it was a year ago or even when I look back and infant photos and can’t tell, but I don’t have a good reason for the change. Harper and Reagan look just different to me, I can just tell it in their eyes, their smiles, most definitely in attitude and the way they compose themselves. But I also understand that not everyone sees them all the time…annnnd they do look incredibly alike. I get it! So sticking to color coordinating is still helpful for others awhile giving them a little bit of individuality, by not dressing everyone in the same thing everyday.

I suppose we have ourselves to blame for this predicament, although I’m not sure how we will get out of it. Very likely, the upcoming Christmas gifts and third birthday will have more pink purple PURPLE things than pink purple teal, and hopefully we can continue to allow her individuality to show without stepping on her sister’s toes. And who knows, maybe we will just dress all of them in purple going forward. That would be exciting…right? Daycare might not forgive us for that!

All I can say is…exciting happenings from our exciting #tripletlife!

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