The struggle is real…

When you’re brushing one kid’s teeth after bath time and the other two are dressed and in their bedroom, what do they do? Well, of course, they wedge the furniture into the door so that you can’t get back into their bedroom (we tried), climb up to the top shelf, grab the M&M candy container used for potty training, and try to scarf the entire thing down before you can get back in.

Luckily Craig managed to wedge it back out with some fancy closet-hanger-pole creativity, all the while the girls ate their discovered candy and watched the struggle. Harper, who was surprisingly not part of it (because teeth brushing), had no issue getting in the room, not listening to our request to move the ottoman, and enjoyed the candy shared from her sisters.

The struggle is real guys. The struggle is real.

Such innocent faces can be SUCH TROUBLEMAKERS

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