EAR-itable Baby Fix

After surviving our first triple, winter cold as toddlers, Emerie had another ear infection. Our pediatrician recommended that she go see an ENT (ear-nose-throat) specialist to determine if her re-occurring ear infections could be stopped with the installation of tubes. The past year full of infections and sick babies, in combination with multiple different medicines to treat said illnesses, is enough of a reason to take more action and find some relief for our tiny, but resilient, tot.

Emerie enjoying the fancy tree in the waiting room

Last week Craig took her to his favorite ENT spot; I say that lightly because he spent several months competing with me on doctors appointments – triplet pregnancy and TTTS scare versus his ear drums bursting and bleeding. Do you think he received a lot of sympathy from me for those needed visits? (the answer is unfortunately no -sorry- and I still would have traded symptoms with him!). Either way, he ended up really liking the whole staff over there and has threatened to bring the girls in to see them a couple of times.

The ENT recommended she get tubes in both ears, a standard surgery done for young kids with repetitive ear infections. The surgery, called a bilateral myringotomy, makes a tiny incision in each ear drum and places a small, plastic tube to drain fluid. Instead of waiting a month for a surgical appointment during the high of cold season, I received a call yesterday that the doctor had an opening for the following day. So here we are!

This surgery took a whole seven minutes to complete, anesthesia and all. It took longer to sign the paperwork and talk to the medical team than it did to complete the actual procedure. Emerie was a happy patient as we waited for her to go back for it; she didn’t spit out the Versed this time so she was loopier this time than in pre-op for October’s surgery.

Everything went well and we were back in post op before we finished drinking our coffee! We expected a mildly grumpy baby; but less than last time since this procedure was less invasive than the cataract ones. That was not the case; her wailing could be heard down the hall and she was still screaming thirty minutes later when we decided to just take her home. Not even a binkie helped! She cried most of the drive home and, of course, fell asleep two minutes away from the house.

After more coaxing, she is restlessly asleep on me in the nursery armchair. Hopefully the grumpiness will subside when she wakes up; if not, please send Christmas goodies our way (kidding not kidding!). Dr. K. said her ears might be irritated for the day but she shouldn’t have any lasting issues that Tylenol won’t fix. So pending everyone naps this afternoon (since we haven’t had a good nap in five days!), things should be relatively smooth today.

Prayers are appreciated! ❤

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