This house is “pooped”

I can confidently say there will be no more diaperless running around in THIS house for a while! Let me explain…but I’m sure to can guess…X three!

They say parenting always brings new (or gross) challenges, and they are right…

We had a busy Saturday, Dad’s group and playtime in the morning, a nap (kinda) and then off to a 2 year old birthday party at a park in Eagle River.

We rocked the park this time, bringing our new portable (and compact!) high chairs with trays. They worked amazingly at several things. Keeping the girls from running all directions? Check. Allowing us to eat and socialize while they ate? Check! Get the girls superrrrrr messy with fruit and cupcakes? Check check.

By the time we made it home everyone was very sticky and messy from food and park adventures. Luckily they all stayed awake for the drive back, until about the last ten minutes; and once home, it was definitely bath time.

While Craig set up the bath upstairs, I changed dirty diapers and then set each kiddo down in the living room, naked, for a few moments of full fledged freedom until all three were ready for the bathtub.

Mind you, we don’t generally let them wander around sans diaper, but since they were about to bathe, I didn’t think much of it and it always takes a couple minutes to have everyone ready at the same time. The fact that the weather keeps the house warm means they wouldn’t freeze their tiny tooshies off for a few moments. I can confidently say I will not repeat this again for a long time…

In an effort to not have them disown me someday…let’s just say all three contributed to this disaster.

I look over to see one sitting on the bottom step, quietly minding her own business. Looking closer… she was pooping on the carpet! As I’m shrieking about that, Craig comes down the stairs and points out another one is also going on the living room rug! WTF!

Before the house was destroyed…

As the first baby is whisked off to Craig for cleanup, I grab number two (pun intended!) and hand her off to him a moment later. I then see my third child push the puppy walker right over “it” and drag it across the floor and the toy. She then squats down and goes on the dining room floor.

At this point I am just thinking WHAT IS HAPPENING!? I mean seriously, they were diaperless for a total of about TWO minutes and all three decide it’s the time to do their business?? We did an hour outside a few weeks ago with just swimsuits on and no diapers…and no one did this out in the yard!

I guess I should be impressed with how well they teamed together to destroy the main floor of the house. Maybe it was their way of reminding us how overdue the floor was for a good steam mop. For the record I vacuumed the entire house yesterday, which clearly no longer matters.

So yes, lesson learned. A gross lesson…and the rest of the night, during and post bath time, was uneventful, thank goodness; and our floors were clean…

PS. We went to the same park exactly a year ago, look at the difference:

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