What’s up, Chuck!?

Another triple parenting adventure to share with you all. Who doesn’t love to read about upchuck!?

Everyone on a moveable toy!

This past week we’ve been cruising on getting good, uninterrupted sleep at night. By that I mean, for the first time in over a year, the girls slept through the night FOUR days in a row, without even a peep. I attribute this to their new found walking skills tiring them out, and we’ve been very dedicated to ensuring they burn as much energy as possible each day.

Apparently we started getting overconfident. Last night was the complete opposite of good sleep, but not something we can really blame on the girls. I can’t blame the random thunder either; thankfully that didn’t wake them up!

I’m not sure exactly what food caused the issue, but my guess is the stuffed pepper Costco dinner was either undercooked or bad altogether, and my tiny little babies took the brunt of it. It doesn’t appear to be a flu related illness (thank goodness!!). Harper puked up a bit as we were playing at bedtime, but we didn’t think much of it, figuring maybe we pushed on her stomach picking her up or she had a gross burp. She went down fine at bedtime.

At about midnight the crying started. I grabbed Reagan and luckily the other two settled back down on their own. I set Reagan on our bed as she started puking and hadn’t realized her crib was covered in it. We changed her clothes and snuggled in bed and she threw up more. Nothing like some delicious rice and hamburger, fully belly cooked, all over our bed, my pillow, the baby…

It took over an hour to settle her enough to fall asleep, and she insisted on being very close to me (which is unusual). I ended up off and on sleeping halfway off my king sized bed, with my pillow on my end table, as to not wake her up!

About two hours into this joyous puking fest Emerie freaked out and Craig grabbed her and went into the guest room. I was pinned with a sleeping Reagan and didn’t want to move, but could hear Emerie puking on the only clean bed in the house. And she didn’t want to go back to sleep for several hours…so today is definitely a coffee day for Daddy at work.

It is also a laundry day. Lots of laundry from every bed in the house. As I’m writing this, Harper is the only one keeping food down. Reagan thirstily drank two bottles this morning and then sat up and puked all over me, the nursery chair, and Harper. She’s eating a bit of cereal so far. We tried some milk for Emerie and she puked it up too. Gonna be a long day!

Everyone was up early so fingers crossed they will take a good nap and start feeling better. While everyone is puky, their spirits are pretty good; not a lot of fussiness or crying. I will hold on to that and be thankful I don’t have puky babies in general.

I did not take photos of this joyous adventure so here so some cuter ones to enjoy.

We figured out pouches this week!

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