10 Months…Going Bananas!!

The girls hit 10 months this past weekend! Time is passing so quickly to their first birthday; it’ll be here before we realize it and should probably start planning for their (our) party.

We are introducing more table foods to the girls now that we have the fancy triplet table. And it makes it so much easier to wrangle them in!

Everyone is picking food up really quickly and especially like bananas that they can squish and play with…not necessarily eat. They are much happier to have it shoveled into their mouths by Craig or I. They also really like pancakes!

At ten months old, 8.5 adjusted, we are really starting to see some of the big milestones appear. My personal favorite??

Bottle holding. I’ve been waiting MONTHS for this one.

Harper seems to really have it down, but can be lazy about holding it when the bottle is full or if you start to hold it then she “lets” you do it the whole time. Reagan is pretty good at it as well, and likes to swing it around and then correct it back to her mouth. Emerie is great at holding it when starving, but still easily distracted and expects you to pick up the slack!

Everyone is progressing at sitting up. We still use the boppies with all three to minimize the bumps and screaming. Overall, they are all pretty good at it and can turn onto their stomachs, reach for toys, and steal from each other.

Another one? Crawling. It. Is. Coming. My guess is Reagan is going to achieve this one first, followed by Emerie and then Harper. Why? Reagan is already rolling and trying to push herself around. She’s definitely figured out her pushups!

Emerie has the rolling back and forth down, but not quite there on the butt wiggle. Harper, on the other hand, thinks it’s fine to hang out and chill with her toys and not put in any physical activity unless forced to.

The swaddle. We took that battle on at New Years and I am happy to say everyone is out of it for both naps and nighttime! It took four nights and a lot of grumpiness from babies and parents, but we did it!

Harper shifting around in the crib

Harper and Reagan have really mastered self soothing…Emerie…not so much. The past few nights she starts in her crib for a few hours, and then ends up with us after a meltdown. Reagan and Harper are sleeping great overnight!

Reagan is now rolling in her crib ALOT!

Playtime is getting more interesting, not just because the girls can sit up, but because their leg muscles are nearly strong enough to play with things while standing. That is our current strength training, in preparation for crawling.

Reagan at the play table

Emerie loves her jumper

Harper having some piano time

Personalities continue to change:

Harper has a great love for animals already! She loves the pups and kittens, stops what she is doing when they go by and genuinely wants to play with them. She’s the talker still; lots of dadadada and random discussions to herself. She’s very stubborn and doesn’t want to roll or start crawling…she is a great sitter though and really good at taking photos in selfie mode!

Reagan, at the moment, is our music baby and best sleeper. Not only does she love the YouTube singalongs like Trolls, Frozen, and Disney princesses, she also has a new shoulder roll type dance. I haven’t captured it on video yet but it’s soooo cute. She is really close to pronouncing her “m’s” and has said Momma twice this week! I thought I imagined it at first but others heard it too! Yay!

Emerie now cheeses it up for the camera with a huge, teethy grin. It’s adorable and shows off her bottom two teeth. She is saying dadadada and screaming in quite a high tempo now. She fights naps the hardest of the three and hasn’t quite figured out self soothing yet. She still loves to snuggle the most of the three.

We are back to better sleep with all three, with the exception of Emerie in our bed the last few nights. It does make for some pretty cute photos though…

Right before the morning feed at 5:30

I’m excited to start planning their birthday and have their first Valentine’s Day before that. So much to do!

Baby play date

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