Thanksgiving 3.0

I was planning on writing a nice, warm and fuzzy Thanksgiving post this weekend to highlight the girls first Thanksgiving…

But! The entertainment factor of my day to day life is sometimes just more interesting, so…last night Reagan drank some milk down the wrong tube and was off and on coughing, trying to clear her throat. At one point her cough turned to a choke so I started burping her; and now I know what a full, partially digested bottle of milk feels like. Full circle I guess?!

So gross. Craig thought it was just so funny.

As for Thanksgiving, we had a good day. Stayed home and Grandma cooked a fantastic meal and the house smelled great. The girls “helped” and wore adorable matching first Thanksgiving shirts.

We did lots of playtime and snuggle time and are so close to everyone being able to sit up unassisted!

Celebrating Dad’s birthday in style. Craig forgot his leg warmers…

Emerie, Harper, and Reagan

Thanksgiving was the start of a minimal sleep weekend. At least one (or two) babies have slept in our room every night because they have total meltdowns sleeping on their backs with stuffy noses. We did manage to partake in a successful brunch for Craig’s birthday, with a ton of extra hands to entertain the kiddos.

Everyone sat in a real high chair for the first time too and they were so cute!

It has been quite a long, sleepless weekend, but a good thanksgiving overall and we have much to be thankful for this year. While we didn’t have the usual snow on the ground, the clear roads were great for getting in a few good naps and a relaxing drive for us.

A few exciting baby presents were found during my annual Black Friday shopping and now we are looking toward Christmas and I cannot wait!

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