A Year Ago Today…

Little did I know, a year ago today, my world was about to get flipped upside down and shaken up a little…or a lot. My first doctor’s appointment was this afternoon, just a basic baby check, nothing crazy (or so I thought) other than full acknowledgement that there indeed was a viable, healthy baby growing.

Funny how last September we were out four wheeling and now we are out towing 3 minions

Since my morning sickness was already in full swing for about 2 weeks by this point, Craig and I joked that maybe there were twins in there.  That wouldn’t be a ridiculous notion, especially considering there are a few sets of twins on either side of our family lines (although now I know that the girls being identical is me, and not a genetic occurrence).

Nothing could have prepared me for the news that day. It was exciting, terrifying, and altogether shocking. The midwife at my appointment had never seen triplets in her time at the hospital, and of course, neither had I!

Want to know the first 3 things that popped into my mind after finding three heartbeats?

  1. You’ve got to be kidding me (PG version lol)
  2. How do I get three babies into a car?!
  3. Does a third boob grow in??

Well…I now know the answers are Mother Nature has a sense of humor as Craig wanted twins and I wanted one so we both got our wish, three babies will fit across a car, and NO, I am still waiting on the third boob six months in.

At my choosing I went to the appointment solo, so after three hours of silence on my end, Craig was wondering what was going on. Of course, that’s not the type of news you can text someone. “Oh, by the way honey, it’s triplets. What’s for dinner?” That wouldn’t go over so well. So I ignored all correspondence with him until I got home. And then, like any good wife, figured he might pass out from the thought of three tiny humans at once, and made him lay down before I handed him an ultrasound with Baby A and Baby B written out.

He got very excited about the prospect of twins with a “I knew it!”

Haha not quite there buddy…I handed him a second ultrasound with a Baby C written on it (a very small C) and it took him a moment to understand. Triplets?? TRIPLETS!?

Needless to say, he took it better than I did. But, in my defense, he didn’t have to experience the joy of morning (allllll day long) sickness, although he did have to put up with me through it.

That is my reminiscing for today. It has been quite the past 365 days, that’s for sure! And here is one of the only photos we have early on with all 3! Those tiny baby butts already look crowded lol.

3 thoughts on “A Year Ago Today…

  1. Loving the story! I argued for five minutes with the doctor that there were two…. While she kept pointing and counting “one, two and three” “no, no, there’s two..” 😂


    • Yeah there was initially some cussing. Poor lady. Triplets never crossed my mind in a million years as an option lol


  2. And it could’ve been four, we transfered three (last chance if after years trying) ALL implanted two developed and one of the two split!


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