Today I had a trial run spending the afternoon alone with the girls and doing feedings solo. Craig ran errands and had a lunch date and I attempted to see how survivable my future two months will be. As it turns out, not surprisingly, I pretty much accomplished nothing other than changing, feeding, and soothing the girls and pumping in between.

They just seem to know when Dad leaves the house, because at least one always wakes up. The first feeding took me almost 2 hours, with propping Harper (who ate like a champ), partially propping Reagan, and feeding Emerie in my lap. That two hours took a bit longer because I picked out some cute outfits, and put these fantastic leg warmers I ordered on Etsy awhile back on each of them. I now know that while Harper weighs the most, Reagan has the biggest thighs!

All the girls seemed to like the warmers, and they kept those little legs nice and cozy.

During the feed I also put them on the play mat for the first time to try to entertain them while I fed their sisters. Reagan loved it, and Emerie seemed pretty enthusiastic as well. Harper, on the other hand, was not really impressed, although she didn’t cry.

All in all, solo feeding the trips is going to be quite a daunting task multiple times a day once Craig is back at work, but survivable. I will definitely need to do bottle prep and have snacks and water readily available in the nursery, since I barely left the room the whole afternoon. But it’ll be good bonding time with the girls and they will get faster on feeds as they get older. Baby steps.

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